Riding in Kathmandu

Being a capital city, Kathmandu has (not so) good road conditions. Roads are narrow and the traffics are heavy during rush hours. During morning and evening time, there is less traffic and roads are more open. Most of the main roads are paved and roads in the inner part of the city are not so good, so riding will be easy in the main roads rather than in the inner part of the city. Despite the narrow roads and heavy traffics in rush hour, it is not so dangerous to drive.

You have to follow these rules while driving:
  • Always carry valid driving license along with papers of the vehicle.
  • · Always wear your safety gears while riding like helmet (mandatory) for driver not necessary for pillion, knee cap protection, gloves, jackets, etc.
  • ·To protect yourself from dusts and smokes while riding, you can also wear mask to cover your nose and mouth.
  • · We have a left-hand drive here in Kathmandu, so it is necessary to follow the rules and drive from left hand side.
  • · Follow road signals strictly (avoid driving in wrong lane or one-way).
  • · Most of the streetlight doesn’t work here; follow the hand gesture of traffic.
  • · Dont drink & Drive